Security for premises Guards at receptions, gates Security guard service for companies
Security guard service for shops Asset guarding Spot checks
Event security Personal security services

Security for premises

We always organise our activity to prevent attacks against property taking into
consideration the peculiarities of the given premises and assessment of the risks.


Guards at receptions, gates

This field usually includes the following tasks:

  • Controlling the rights for entry
  • Carrying out check in-out procedures, as prescribed
  • Welcoming of the arrived guests and accompanying them within the estate
  • Keeping a log of the reports as defined by the client
  • Monitoring of the electronic guarding systems.


Security guard service for companies, operation plants

This type of activity usually includes:

  • Control of loading (both up and down) and goods’ movements
  • Regulation of inner car- and personal traffic
  • Opening / locking of gates, which are not kept open continuously
  • Keeping of fire- and accident prevention rules.


Security guard service for shops

This is a unique type of task from all other security tasks, as not only the estate
is to be protected from violent and unauthorized attacks but in addition the shop
goods have to be protected from theft by customers and shop staff.


Asset guarding

The scope of tasks usually includes:

  • Guarding of plants, warehouses, production plants, office buildings, shops and other commercial units etc. within- and outside work hours.
  • To prevent break-in and unauthorised access, to secure the site in the event of an intruder and carrying out the necessary measurements.


Spot checks

The idea of the spot checks is to carry out security- and preventive tasks sharing the
guards among several estates, resulting in cost saving. The goal is to spot check on
damages that might result due to negligence, carelessness, or crime. (Fire, theft, other
damaging, leakage of liquids or gas)


Event security

It is a challenge to secure events all over the world. It can be an occasional or
seasonal task requiring much attention and physical stamina both from the management
and the staff.


Personal security services

This includes accompanying a person  24 hours non-stop or tasks with the purpose of observation.